Welcome to Córdoba!

Córdoba is a Mexican city located on the edge of the mountainous mountain range of the Sierra Madre Oriental and in the southern part of the mountainous region of the state of Veracruz. It shares, together with Fortín de las Flores, a large area of ​​the province. It is strategically built between the port of Veracruz and the capital of the country, its commercial and industrial activity being pillars of its economy. However, its ecotourism and cultural activities offer the visitor an alternative to discover and enjoy. Come to Córdoba and enjoy the best coffee in Veracruz.

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HB Cordoba

Enjoy a spectacular view!


The hotel offers us a natural view offered by the Ecological Park Paso Coyol, as the splendor of the city from any point of the hotel  like  the proximity of commercial, industrial zones and the historical center where the portal of cevallos is located, where the treaties of Córdoba were signed that gave independence to our country.